Monday, July 14, 2008

It's been a loooong time....

Well, I have neglected my blog a long time! I am not sure why but I just got out of the habit, I think. For the last 2 months, I have been sick, sick, sick. I found out in May, right after getting back from visiting my family in AL, that I am preggers. I was totally socked and didn't expect it. In fact, after my miscarriage we had pretty much given up on having a baby. I had even talked myself out of it and figured I had 2 boys that's enough. I really didn't need another baby. Well, God laughed at me and gave me one anyways. Everyone thinks I am crazy but I know this baby is a girl. I feel different in this pregnancy then with the boys. I was just puking for the first 2 months with the boys but this time, I didn't puke at all ( thank you God!!!) I was just sooooooooo tired. I spent the whole time either in bed or on the sofa downstairs watching tv. The house is a total mess but I just kept saying well there is nothing I can do about it right now and Lars did help but he isn't a very clean person as plus he has a full time job so the house isn't exactly gross it just needs a good cleaning.

Wed. of last week, I was officially 14 weeks pregnant and came out of the funk. I tell ya it's like magic or something one day I felt like dooky the next back to my old self. I even got to play a little bit of WoW this weekend. I went to Target. Oh, and helped set up our new pool. It's just a little 8'x30" blow up type but it has a filter and you put real pool chemicals in it. I wanted something to sit in this summer but I didn't want to have to empty it every couple of days. Yeah sitting there waiting for the pool to fill up in 90 degree heat made my face all red. Liam says hey whats wrong with your face? I said I don't know you tell me. He said it's all red! I was like oh I guess I am hot hehe. I get super hot when I am pregnant. Hence why I got a pool. I like to go outside but I get so overheated.

Well time to go tackle the kitchen, my first room to clean for the week. I want the house at least presentable by this weekend. Oh Liam and I have to do his tests for his homeschooling. I almost forgot about those. VA law says you have to take an approved test and turn in the results by Aug 1st. I think we will be late but that's ok I have an excuse.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh Happy days!

I should blog more often. The spring come here blog worked!!!!!!!!!! It has been so nice the past couple of days. I have just wanted to go outside and do stuff! I have walked the dogs, walked Liam and the dogs, watched Liam and the dogs run around in the back yard like crazy wild animals but not much knitting. I didn't even pick up my sock yesterday. I just can't sit down long enough. Oh I am also organizing my house. Yes, it is very slow going because I have a pack rat husband. I tried the just join em thing and ummmm... yeah... that is driving me INSANE. So, now I am going back to I will be organized and I don't care about his pack ratitise. I will throw away anything he hasn't touched or looked at for 6 months! I won't tell him and he just won't know.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Where are you?!?!?! I'm COLD.

Addicted to Swapping

I don't know but swapping is fun! I am in a Hogwarts Sock kit swap now. It is super fun. Most of use participating made a character blog and are blogging about our knitty pottery adventures on them. It's actually really fun. I am having a blast picking out Ravenclaw things for my pal. The next swap I am joining is starting March 20th. You swap coffee and yarn! My 2 most favorite things. You know that song about my favorite things? Well mine would be yarn, coffee and chocolate. Not in that particular order, though, because depending on mood it changes. I haven't blogged in so long. I haven't felt in a bloggy mood. Not sure why. I guess I have just been busy. I haven't even really been in a knitty mood either. Oh, I still listen to podcasts about knitting, read about knitting, stare at others knitting, but for me it's just been 2 pairs of socks. Well technically, one and a half pairs. I knit up a pair of monkey socks and now I am knitting a pattern called river rapids. Yes I know I said I hated monkey socks pattern but I tired it again because I had this yummy socks that rock yarn and it screamed out monkey to me. I tired the pattern again on 4 double points and I did fine! The socks turned out great... and as soon as I wash them I will take a picture of them.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Lookie what I did...

This is my first home spun yarn! It was pretty easy and even though I am slow at it. It is fun to do and fairly easy. Just have to keep practicing at drafting and how the fibers pull out of the mass. Over all I am happy. Wonder If I have enough to Knit some fingerless gloves with it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This and that

I just read a blog post about Byonce (think that's how to spell her name) likes to play Connect 4. Not only that, but she is really good at it. It's funny sometimes I wonder what it's like to be say oh Jennifer Connelly. She is someone my hubby loves and I think she is pretty too and wouldn't mind being her. I often wonder what in the world is she doing right at this moment. Is she watching TV? Taking a nap? Shopping for clothes? It's weird to think of stars as being people. People who do everyday things like take showers and eat potato chips. So, if you could be in someone else's shoes who would you pick? I think I would pick Jennifer.

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year already?

Wow I really can not believe it is going to be 2008 next year! Where did 2007 go? I'm not sure but I think time is faster now that I am older. You know when you were a kid and time seemed to stand still? I want that back! Everyone is older now, including myself, that wasn't suppose to happen! lol Well I guess it does happen but why so fast? My youngest baby is going to be 10 this year! Oh no another boy going through puberty.... hmmm can I have a vacation?

Lets see, usually people make a list of what they want to accomplish for the new year. I don't ever do that. I make them all year long. Whenever God shows me something that needs to be changed, I either do my part or let him do his. I do reflect though on the past year and see all the fun things that happened.

Jerath came back to home school. Liam learned to read. I knit my first ever sweater. We went to Disney World! I fell in love with Florida. Last year was my hubby and I's 2nd wedding anniversary. My nieces were potty trained. We went to Jamestown and had fun. Found our new church Fairfax Community. I started a blog and have stuck to it. Liam got to ride in an airplane for the first time and he did pretty good. I might not ever repeat that adventure with him though, at least on my own lol. The list goes on and on. 2007 was a good year!

Now on to the adventures of 2008.......